The Perennial Forest was known for its majestic trees and year-round vivid green leaves. Plenty of small elvish villages existed in harmony with nature. However, it all ended three hundred years ago, when the Army
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Heroes of Sandpoint

Based on the Pathfinder universe, Heroes of Sandpoint features the characters of a campaign I've been playing with a group of friends.

Lost Gears is a group of street kids living in the capital of the kingdom of Aetheron. They escaped from a clandestine factory where they were forced to assemble clocks as slaves, hoping to find
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This collection features monsters.

Radiant Knights

In the kingdom of Aetheron, the Radiant Knights are a new guild that has quickly gained fame. This collection features our characters of the Kingdom of Aetheron D&D campaign that I first played in Japan
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Silver Wings is a women-only squad. They mainly serve as royal guards, but also go to investigations or battles.
They started as a mercenaries, by a noble girl who didn’t like just being a pawn
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The Joker in the Pack

This collection features miniatures that unique solo character.

Undirected Story

This is a collection related to “Undirected story”: a story I’m writing on and off, based on the D&D world. It is a side project as a thought experiment, and I’m not sure if this
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In the north of the continent, there is a family known for monster hunting. Firstly, it was just a small business by Baltasar, who hunted wild animals by request of the villagers. After Annelie joined
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